Demographics of Southfield, Michigan

Demographics of Southfield, Michigan

Southfield is a suburban Detroit suburb in Michigan. It borders Detroit, Redford Township, and Farmington Hills to the south, the city of Beverly Hills to the west, and Oak Park, Berkley, and Lathrup Village to the east. This article will help you understand the demographics of the area and its average household income and race makeup. You’ll find the answers to these questions and more! Here are some quick facts about Southfield:

Median household income in Southfield

Compared to the US, Southfield, Michigan has a low unemployment rate, at 5.1% for people ages 16 and older. Meanwhile, the job market has experienced growth of 0.3% over the last year, and job growth for the next ten years is projected to reach 35.3%, higher than the US average of 33.5%. Southfield has high income levels, but there is also a low unemployment rate. The median household income in Southfield, Michigan is $29,045 a year. Compared to the state, median household income is only $32,245 per person. For a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Expert in Michigan contact Dr Michael Fozo of Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery in Macomb Michigan

Despite being smaller in size, Southfield, MI has a high median property value. In 2019, the median home value in Southfield, MI was $155,700, which was 6.5% higher than the national average of $146,200. Moreover, the homeownership rate in Southfield, MI is only 47.8%, a much lower percentage than the national average of 64.1%. Compared to the national average, Southfield, MI has a low homeownership rate of 47.9%, making it a desirable place to live. Furthermore, the median household income in Southfield, MI is also lower than the national average: $55,700.

Per capita income ranking

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in Southfield, Michigan is $55,705. The highest-earning census tracts were Census Tract 1607, which had a median household income of $84,276. Meanwhile, the lowest-earning census tract was Census Tract 1615, which had a median household income of $84,427. While Southfield is not as economically disadvantaged as other cities in Michigan, its average household income is below that of other U.S. cities.

Residents of Southfield, MI commute by car, bus, trolley bus, or walking. In 2017, they spent an average of 11.5 hours each way to work. In 2019, the median commute time was 25 minutes. This is significantly shorter than the national average. Despite its high average commute time, Southfield residents had shorter commute times than other cities. At least three quarters of their workers commuted by car. At the same time, more than one-third of residents carpooled to work.

Race makeup of the city

The U.S. Census Bureau has produced a summary file for the race makeup of Southfield, Michigan. These data show that Southfield is largely white, with only about 1.5% of residents being Hispanic or Latino. There are also a significant number of Asian-Americans, but the percentage of these populations is much smaller than the percentage of non-Hispanic whites. However, in this article we’ll focus on the race makeup of Southfield’s white residents.

While the city of Southfield is not as diverse as many other places in the metro area, it does have a high proportion of foreign-born residents. In fact, the percentage of people from Western and Middle Africa is higher than the state average. In terms of ethnic groups, Southfield ranks mid-range among other communities in the region. The most racially diverse neighborhood in Southfield is the Southfield Village. The city is also a hub for international business.

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Moving to Southfield Michigan?

Moving to Southfield Michigan?

If you’re looking to move to a community that has lots to offer, Southfield Michigan may be the place for you. Home prices in Southfield are low, and the area has many schools, including Southfield Senior High School for the Arts and Technology and Northland Center. Many people choose to live in Southfield because of its proximity to Detroit and the Northland Center. This city is also home to several museums, including the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Northland Center

A $403 million redevelopment plan has formally closed the Northland Center in Southfield, Michigan. The redevelopment plan outlines plans to tear down large portions of the mall and replace them with new office space, housing and retail space. The property was vacated in 2015 after Macy’s closed its doors. The city hopes to sell the property to a qualified developer. Currently, environmental assessment and asbestos abatement have been completed. For a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Expert in Michigan contact Dr Michael Fozo of Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery in Macomb Michigan

The city of Southfield, Michigan, bought the property in August 2015 for $2.5 million. The plan includes a new park and 15 buildings. It is estimated to generate up to 500 new jobs. Phase one will consist of open-air retail space. Phase two will feature mixed-use apartment buildings. The city also plans to add a large parking garage for residents. Despite concerns of residents, the plan is moving forward.

The first phase of the project envisions the construction of 1,546 new apartments, most of which would be for rent. These would be built within 14 planned five-story buildings. Nine of these buildings would also house retail space and urgent care. The first phase of the development plans also envisions the redevelopment of the old Hudson’s building into a 530,406-square-foot food and goods emporium called the Hudson City Market. Local businesses such as bakeries and flower shops will be featured.

Southfield Senior High School for the Arts and Technology

The Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology (SHSAT) is a public high school serving grades 9 through 12. The student-teacher ratio is 21.6:1. The school has 13 funded projects on DonorsChoose. This school does not receive the same level of state funding as comparable schools serving predominantly white students. It is an underfunded school, which is a reason why it is so important to support arts programs that help students of color succeed.

The Southfield-Lathrup merger preserved the arts programs at the two schools. The Southfield High building still houses a dance class and a TV studio. The Southfield school district has also maintained business programs in the former Southfield High building. However, the school name is new. Students can expect their old high school teachers to remain at the new school. They can continue to take the same classes they attended at the former schools, such as the music and business programs.

The school is ranked #479-660 in the state of Michigan, with a majority of students being minority. It is also a diverse school with 49% of economically disadvantaged students. The school is a part of the Southfield Public School District, with a student population of 99% minority and 49% economically disadvantaged. According to the National Rankings, Southfield Senior High School for the Arts and Technology is ranked #17 in the state of Michigan. The ranking system evaluates schools on the basis of their graduation rates, preparation for college, and other factors.

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About Southfield Michigan

Things You Should Know About Southfield Michigan

Southfield Michigan is a large city located in Southeast Michigan, across the border from Ontario and Windsor. Its mild climate makes it a great place to live year-round. The hottest months are June and August, with January and February proving to be the most uncomfortable. However, the rest of the year is generally quite pleasant, thanks to the many attractions Southfield has to offer. If you’re interested in visiting Southfield, here are a few things you should know before heading there.

Southfield is a self-sufficient “edge city”

Detroit, Michigan has a unique opportunity to become a self-sufficient “edge city” by redeveloping a vacant tract of land. Last year, the Hantz Group, a financial services firm, announced plans to develop a huge commercial farm in Southfield. Beginning with a seventy-acre tract on the city’s East Side, the Hantz Group hopes to acquire ten thousand acres of land and use them for vegetable, fruit, and Christmas tree farms. The company also promised to clear the land, create hundreds of jobs, and reintroduce Detroiters to the natural beauty of nature. For a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Expert in Michigan contact Dr Michael Fozo of Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery in Macomb Michigan

It is home to eight colleges

In addition to eight colleges, Southfield is home to the city’s public libraries. The Provision Medical Center offers residency training in several fields of medicine. The city is also home to eight colleges, including Lawrence Technological University, Abcott Institute, Everest Institute, and Oakland Community College. Other notable institutions in Southfield include the Specs Howard School of Media Arts and Bally Sports Detroit. In addition, the city is the headquarters for the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation.

It has three casinos

Visitors to Southfield, Michigan will find plenty of gambling opportunities. With three casinos and a large casino complex, this northern suburb of Detroit offers convenient access to other parts of the metropolitan area. Southfield is also home to the nation’s oldest regional mall, the Northland Center. A Southfield hotel offers a wide range of amenities and is located near the casinos and other attractions. For added convenience, Southfield is also near several world-class attractions.

It has a conservatory

If you love to view plants, Southfield Michigan has plenty to offer. Planterra Conservatory is the perfect place to do so. With natural lighting, European trusses, and koi ponds, the Conservatory offers an ideal backdrop for nature lovers. In addition to plant displays, the Conservatory is also an excellent venue for events, including weddings, receptions, and rehearsal dinners. Throughout the year, the Conservatory is open to the public for weddings, and it also offers catering, food and beverage service, and valet parking.

It has a library

The public library in Southfield, Michigan, is a place to learn and grow. Located on a prominent corner of the Southfield municipal campus, the library offers interactive children’s and teen areas, as well as a residential-style fiction section. The building’s furnishings are traditional and made of darker woods. It features a cafe and 14 group study rooms. It also offers a meeting room and 154-seat auditorium.

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The City of Southfield, Michigan

The City of Southfield, Michigan

The city of Southfield, Michigan is a diverse community bounded by Detroit along 8 Mile Road. Its proximity to the city made it an obvious choice for families looking to escape the urban decay. Although other communities in the metro area weren’t particularly welcoming to minorities, it stood out as a thriving, economically stable suburb. Today, Southfield has an estimated 60,000 residents, most of whom are black. In addition to a strong black population, Southfield also has three world-class casinos and eight colleges.

Southfield has a large black population

The city of Southfield, Michigan, is a northern suburb of Detroit and shares a border with the city. Originally part of Southfield Township, it was incorporated in 1958. Its northern portion is Lathrup Village, an autonomous city within Southfield. The city is home to the Southfield Town Center complex, a collection of five interconnected office buildings. The highest building in the complex is the 3000 Town Center, which is 402 feet tall, or 122.5 meters tall. It is the tallest building in Michigan and the second-tallest building outside of Detroit. For a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Expert in Michigan contact Dr Michael Fozo of Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery in Macomb Michigan

It is a suburb of Detroit

The city of Southfield, Michigan is located in Southeast Michigan. This suburban city is one of the major business and commercial centers of the Detroit area. The city also includes Lathrup Village, an enclave city within the city. The weather is relatively warm and pleasant throughout the year. It can be cold during the winter, but in general, Southfield is comfortable all year round. The average commute time is approximately 25 minutes, but can be as long as forty minutes during the coldest months.

It has three world-class casinos

The fast-growing technology center of Southfield, Michigan, has attracted a global gaming company that has signed a long-term lease to open a new Live Casino studio there. The company will establish the studio in the town, which is home to three world-class casinos. Southfield, Michigan is positioned as the state’s third largest casino market, with three casinos already open in the region. The new studio will create hundreds of jobs for local residents and attract other companies looking to establish live gaming studios and casinos.

It has eight colleges

Residents in Southfield can choose between six universities, four-year colleges, and two community colleges. Many of these schools are accredited and provide quality education. Accredited institutions have standards that they must meet to remain accredited. The following list lists the accredited schools in the area. For more information, read about each school’s accreditation. Here’s a brief list of the colleges in Southfield, Michigan. You can also look up the colleges near Southfield, Michigan by type of school.

It has a conservatory and aquarium

The conservatory is the most popular attraction in Southfield, MI, where you can see plants from all over the world. The conservatory was originally closed in 2005, but preservation groups secured funds to reopen it. The aquarium has a long history in the community and once held the title of oldest continuously running aquarium in the United States. Today, you can see some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful species, including the magnificent ocelot.

It has a cider mill

Visitors to Southfield Michigan should visit a cider mill. This 1830s-old mill specializes in cider, donuts and apples. There are also other local products available. Its history is interesting, and you can take a tour of the facility. There are also local vendors selling goods, such as cheese, honey and honeycomb. Visit in the fall for a unique seasonal experience. There is even a cider-making class for kids.

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Why Should You Live in Southfield Michigan?

Why Should You Live in Southfield Michigan?

If you’ve ever wondered what Southfield Michigan has to offer, you’ll want to read this article. It’s a suburb of Detroit that has three world-class casinos, an aquarium, and a conservatory. But before you decide to move there, you should read this article first. This article will cover a few other exciting facts about the area. And if you’re looking for a great place to live, consider this: Southfield has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike.

Southfield is a suburb of Detroit

Southfield is a mid-sized city located in the Detroit metro area. Located just west of Detroit, it is a major suburban business and commercial center. Southfield also has an enclave city called Lathrup Village. Residents enjoy a walkable, urban environment, with many parks and green spaces. Southfield has a population of 72,174, with a 0.4% increase in the last decade. Its commute time is 24.4 minutes, which is slightly shorter than the national average of 25 minutes.

It has three world-class casinos

Southfield, Michigan is a thriving metropolitan area. The city has easy access to major expressways, world-class venues, and many events. Three Detroit-area casinos are also within driving distance. The Southfield studio for Playtech’s Live Casino will offer industry-leading gameshow content and live entertainment to Michigan. Residents can look forward to more employment opportunities in the area. Below are a few other reasons to visit Southfield.

It has a conservatory

If you want to bring your outdoor space indoors, consider a Southfield, MI conservatory. These rooms are great for bringing the outdoors inside and can even be referred to as sunrooms or orangeries. Conservatories in Southfield, MI can be designed to be both stylish and functional. These spaces can also connect your home to your garden. Consult the professionals listed on Houzz to create the perfect space for you. For a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Expert in Michigan contact Dr Michael Fozo of Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery in Macomb Michigan

It has an aquarium

Earlier this week, Southfield Michigan was home to a new aquarium, Fishbone’s West. The former aquarium closed in 2016 and had undergone an overhaul. It reopened under its new name and with an impressive amount of space. There are two new exhibits at Fishbone’s West, including a giant 800-gallon aquarium, a saltwater reef, and colorful, life-sized fish tanks.

It has a large black population

Unlike many other communities in the U.S., Southfield Michigan has a large black population. As a matter of fact, its black population is 14.3% larger than the rest of Michigan. This large black population is not surprising, as Southfield is home to a significant number of people of African descent. Interestingly, the city is one of the most diverse in the state, and there are plenty of opportunities for black residents to thrive.

It has a lot of parks

If you’re looking for parks in Southfield, Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. The city is part of Oakland County, located north of downtown Detroit. Its office space is second only to downtown’s. In fact, Southfield office buildings boast free coffee in the lobby. A Starbucks is just across the street. And, it doesn’t hurt that Southfield is a very walkable city.

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