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Macomb Township is a civil township in Metro Detroit, Michigan, United States.
The population was 79,580 according to the 2010 census.
This makes it one of Michigan’s most populous civil municipalities.
Continue reading to learn more about the township and its surroundings.
The area, population, ethnicity, and airport will all be discussed in this article.
You will also gain knowledge of the school district and the housing market.


Macomb Township is a civil township in the Detroit Metropolitan Area of Michigan, United States.
Macomb Township had a population of 50,477 people in the 2000 census, and 79,580 people in the 2010 census.
This makes it the state’s most populous civil township. For a Michigan plastic surgeon contact Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery.
The area is home to the University of Detroit Mercy, which is located in Macomb County.


Macomb County is in eastern Michigan, bordering Lake St. Clair and northern Detroit.
According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 881,217 people.
It is Michigan’s third-most populous county.
Mt. Clemens is the county seat.
Macomb, Michigan has a lot to offer in terms of sights and activities.
Here are some of Macomb’s most popular attractions.
Start by looking at the attractions in the region to get a sense of what’s on offer.


Macomb, Michigan, may be an excellent venue to talk about race and policy because it is a bellwether county for the 2020 presidential election.
Joel Rutherford, leader of Macomb County’s Official Democratic Black Caucus, recently raised worry about the paucity of race discussions in local politics.
Rutherford was interviewed by the local newspaper WDET regarding the paucity of individuals of color in the county’s municipal administration.


A center for commercial air travel and recreational activities is located in Macomb, Michigan.
Hangar space, local aerial excursions, skydiving classes, and other facilities and services are available at the airport.
The contact information for Macomb County’s airports is listed below.
Those who are interested can also find out if the airport is open to the public.
Access to government websites is available through Macomb County’s Public Records.


You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for race data in Macomb, Michigan.
The map below depicts the number of individuals of various races who live in Macomb County.
Each hue represents a distinct race, with darker shades dominating.
The map also includes diversity scores and information on the racial mix of the area.
Continue reading to learn more about the races and communities of Macomb.

Place of residence

Macomb is a significant city in Michigan’s southeast.
It is located on the Detroit River, on the other side of the border from Ontario and Windsor.
The township used to be a rural agricultural area.
The township has become more suburban during the postwar suburbanization boom.
Macomb has a population of 571,463.

Economic vigour

Macomb, Michigan is noted for its entrepreneurial spirit and abundance of manufacturing businesses.
In reality, Macomb has over 1,200 businesses that integrate production, design, and supply chain management to speed up product creation.
Nearly 40,000 highly skilled professionals make up the region’s workforce.
Macomb contains multiple community institutions and two offsite branch campuses of Central Michigan University and Wayne State University, in addition to its local manufacturing base.


Macomb County borders Lake St. Clair and northern Metro Detroit in eastern Michigan.
Mt. Clemens is the county seat, and it is Michigan’s third most populous county.
At the time of the 2020 Census, the county’s population was 881,217 people.
Mt. Clemens Motorsports Park is located in Macomb, which is home to several major universities.
Consider some of these reasons to visit Macomb if you’re thinking about it.

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