Population of Warren, Michigan

What is the population of Warren, Michigan?

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The city of Warren, Michigan, has a population of 139,387 people.
This figure shows an increase of 5% over the previous census.
Warren is the third largest city in Michigan and the main community in Macomb County.
Residents, on the other hand, are dubious whether the increase is permanent or only transitory.
Several factors, including the creation of two new automobile manufacturing facilities, have been credited with the increase in population.
A handful of new schools have been opened.

Property values are increasing.

Warren, Michigan has a typical real estate tax of $2,540.
With $3,115 in typical real estate taxes, Fraser is the most expensive city in the state.
This is roughly equal to the national average of $2,551 and slightly higher than the $2,441 state average.
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Residents’ race/ethnicity

Warren, Michigan is a diverse community, with African and Asian residents accounting for a significant share of the population.
However, over the last few decades, the population of the area has been declining.
While the number of African Americans living in the area has surged by 300 percent in the last decade, the area’s population has actually decreased during the last four decades.
Furthermore, the city’s housing market has declined in recent years, significantly lowering the city’s population density.

Average earnings

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for information about the typical income in Warren, Michigan.
The population of the city is roughly 73,779, which is more than double the national average.
This is owing to a growth in the number of African Americans, who now account for 46% of the population.
Warren, on the other hand, has been witnessing population decreases since 1957, owing largely to the collapse of the property market and increased violent crime.Beebe’s Corners, the first hamlet in what would become Warren, was established in 1830 at the intersection of Mound Road and Chicago Road, with Charles Groesbeck as its first resident.
Beebe’s Corners, which comprised a distillery, mill, tavern, and trading station, was a carriage halt between Detroit and Utica. The now-defunct Warren Township was founded around the hamlet in 1837, first under the name Hickory, then renamed Aba in April 1838, and finally Warren shortly thereafter.

Rev. Abel Warren, a War of 1812 veteran and frontier preacher, was the inspiration for the name.
However, the township was originally named for Rev. Warren, a Methodist Episcopal preacher who moved to Shelby Township from his home New York in 1824.
He traveled throughout what is now Macomb, Lapeer, Oakland, and St. Clair Counties, baptizing, marrying, and burying pioneers as well as building congregations and preaching.
He was the state of Michigan’s first licensed preacher.

According to another version of the story, the city was named after General Joseph Warren, who was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Warren Township was originally incorporated as the Village of Warren on April 28, 1893, out of a square mile bordered to the north and south by 14 Mile Road and 13 Mile Road, and half a mile east and west by Mound Road.
The small village grew slowly, with a population of 582 in 1940 and 727 in 1950, but the larger township around it grew considerably faster.
The establishment of the Chrysler Truck Assembly factory in 1938, the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant in 1940 to serve the WWII effort, and the General Motors Technical Center between 1949 and 1956 all contributed to this expansion.

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