Otoplasty in Michigan (Ear pinning)

Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Ear SurgeryWhether you are interested in Otoplasty (ear-reshaping surgery) for yourself or your child, you are likely considering the procedure to increase self-esteem or to prevent bullying and torment. While this relatively simple procedure can be enjoyed by both children and adults,

Dr. Michael Fozo recommends considering it sooner rather than later. If you are researching Otoplasty for your child, we welcome you to bring them in for a consultation once their ears are fully formed around the age of five or six years. Six years of age is an excellent time to consider Otoplasty for a variety of reasons. The ears are nearly their adult size, children are old enough to follow directions after surgery, and their peers do not typically notice or comment on prominent ears until seven years or older. Dr. Fozo enjoys working with children and has two of his own, so you can trust him to help your child feel at ease.

Ear Pinning

Otoplasty is usually performed to set prominent ears back closer to the head (also known as ear pinning), but it can be performed to alter the size, shape or position of the ears as well. Incisions are well-hidden behind the ears, and recovery is usually speedy with limited down-time.

The earlier the surgery, the less ridicule and hurtful name-calling the child will have to endure. For adults, you might consider Otoplasty in order to confidently hang up that old hat you’re always wearing, or to try a short, trendy hairstyle.

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