Browlift / Forehead Lift in Macomb, Michigan

Has anyone accused you of looking tired or angry, when in fact you truly felt quite the opposite? Do you develop headaches toward the end of the day? If you relate to either of these questions, you may suffer from Brow Ptosis, also known as brow droop. Brow Ptosis can make the upper eyelids appear full or saggy (see Blepharoplasty) and contribute to an angry or tired appearance.

Many individuals attempt to compensate for this by constantly tightening the forehead muscles, which in turn produces characteristic horizontal forehead wrinkles and can cause fatigue or headaches. Browlifts are one of the most poorly understood procedures by the general public. Many early Browlift surgeons left patients looking unnatural or with a constant look of surprise. A properly done Browlift should make you appear more rested, relaxed and youthful. It will not give an unnatural or “operated” appearance.


The major effect of Browlifts is on the eyes. A Browlift is the only way to appropriately address hooding of the lateral eyelid that many patients mistakenly believe will be corrected with eyelid surgery. Browlifts can also improve the position and shape of the eyebrows and eliminate many of the horizontal forehead wrinkles.

Aging Forehead

Whether or not you suffer from Brow Ptosis, the forehead is one of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging — particularly because it affects the upper eyes. You may think you need an Upper Eyelid Lift, when in fact you need a Browlift.


A Browlift (Forehead Lift) involves re-suspending the brows at the desired location. This is sometimes accompanied by weakening the brow depressor muscles in order to discourage future brow descent. Dr. Fozo uses many different techniques including a modern endoscopic approach that eliminates long cuts; the entire surgery is performed through a few tiny incisions hidden in the hair. Advantages of an Endoscopic Browlift include faster healing, less bruising and no visible scars.

The endoscopic techinque is not the best option for everyone, however. Many men with receeding hairlines are better served by either a direct Browlift, where the incision is hidden above the eyebrow, or a mid-browlift, where incisions are hidden in horizontal forehead creases. Browlifts can even be performed through eyelid incisions for those patients undergoing blepharoplasty at the same time. Most patients fully recover from their Browlift within two weeks, but Dr. Fozo may still advise you to avoid strenuous activities for another week or two in order to promote successful healing.

While a Browlift can smooth the wrinkles across your forehead, a Facelift can smooth those from the forehead down. For this reason, the two are highly complimentary procedures performed together for a full — but most importantly a natural — refresher.

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