Liposuction & Fat Transfer in Michigan

Cervical Liposuction

Cervical Liposuction redefines the chin and neckline, creating a more balanced and youthful profile. Dr. Fozo may suggest Cervical Liposuction as a compliment or alternative to a Facelift or Necklift, depending on your facial structure and desired outcome.

If you elect to have Cervical Liposuction with Dr. Fozo, you may be interested in using the removed fat cells for Lipostructure (see below).


Lipostructure is a powerful technique where fat cells are removed from areas of the body where we typically don’t want them (like the thighs, stomach and neck), then transplanted to the face to restore tissue that has been lost with time. Lipostructure can accentuate cheekbones or provide fuller, sexier lips. It can also be used for smoothing deep cheek and frown creases. Results can be dramatic. Restoring facial volume can even replicate or surpass the results of a Facelift in certain patients.

Fat Transfer and Dermal Grafting

Fat transfer/grafting is a cosmetic procedure where your own fat is used to rejuvenate the face, augment the cheeks or lips, or correct problems such as hollowness around the eyes or acne scars. The fat used in fat grafting is taken from elsewhere in your body.

Cervical Liposuction and Fat Transfer procedures are usually done under local anesthesia with mild sedation. Unlike synthetic fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse, a portion of each fat transfer is permanent.

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