Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer Patients

Micrographic Surgery (Mohs) is the most advanced and effective treatment for skin cancer available today.

The Mohs technique is the treatment of choice for cancers of the face as it relies on the accuracy of a microscopic surgical procedure for complete removal of all tumors down to the roots during the initial surgery.The procedure is typically performed by a dermatologist trained in the Mohs technique


Detroit area dermatologists throughout Michigan refer their skin cancer patients to Dr. Fozo. Not all patients require Mohs surgery, but when appropriate Dr. Fozo works closely with Mohs surgeons, performing reconstruction after skin cancer surgery.  During the initial consultation he reviews the reconstructive ladder of surgical options with each patient.  This begins with straightforward procedures like simple wound closures, and progresses to skin grafts, local flaps, and finally staged operations with regional flaps and cartilage grafts. The best choice is different for every patient and depends on the type and size of skin cancer, time available for healing and desired final result.


The following testimonial was written by Paul, a recent Mohs facial reconstruction patient of Dr. Fozo.

My journey with Dr. Fozo began in February 2009 after waking from surgery to remove skin cancer on my nose. My dermatologist immediately told me he had to remove far more than he could repair, and referred me to his trusted colleague Dr. Fozo. Most of the tissue on my nose was cut out in order to ensure all of the cancer was removed; while I was thankful for that, I was nervous about how I would appear as the bandages came off. I was actually more nervous than how I felt about open heart surgery years earlier. This is my face, after all.

Dr. Fozo was phenomenal from the moment I met with him. He reviewed the images from my surgery and explained every detail of my three-step procedure. He pulled no punches – everything he told me was dead on. He was very honest that I would look pretty bad after the first procedure, but that I would start to see great improvement after the second and even more after the third and final procedure. 

I did look pretty terrible after my first procedure, which required an overnight hospital stay. I was very nervous about this. Dr. Fozo was there first thing in the morning to check on me and reassure me that everything was just as he expected and going as planned. He even gave my family his cell phone number so we could reach him on evenings and weekends. He spent one Sunday afternoon on the phone with my daughter, walking her through the steps on cleaning my wounds and changing my bandages. How many doctors give you their personal cell phone? He is always, always available to answer every question and concern. And Lois is a sweetheart! She made my life so much easier by fitting me in when I had an urgent need and responding to every call right away.

The last step in my procedure was December 2010, and I still cannot believe how great I look. Dr. Fozo told me that when he was done no one would know anything had ever happened – and like always – he was right. The end result is far better than I could’ve ever imagined and I’m so happy when I look in a mirror. I volunteer at a hospital, and the doctors and nurses there are also amazed with my results.

From his personality to his expertise to his great staff, I would absolutely recommend Dr. Fozo and Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery. There is no one else I would ever want to go to. He’s THE guy. 

Patient: Paul / St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Procedure: Paramedian Forehead Flap/Nasal Reconstruction (post skin-cancer removal)

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