Nose Surgery in Southeast Michigan

Michigan Rhinoplasty Specialist

No facial feature has a greater impact on your appearance than your nose. For this reason, even the slightest alteration of mere millimeters can significantly improve your appearance. Whether you are interested in reshaping your nose due to trauma or genetics, or simply wish to breathe easier, Rhinoplasty may be an excellent solution.

Commonly known as nose job, Rhinoplasty is not a procedure to take lightly. No surgery is. However, Rhinoplasty is the most difficult cosmetic procedure to execute and involves a great deal of skill and experience. An excellent Rhinoplasty surgeon must be a skilled engineer and an artist in order to create a nose that balances facial features and functions effectively. Dr. Fozo’s experience in Facial Plastics and Head and Neck Surgery has enabled him to master this art form for countless satisfied patients.

In fact, Rhinoplasty is Dr. Fozo’s most performed – and personal favorite – procedure within his Macomb County practice. This has made him one of the most sought after Rhinoplasty surgeons throughout Michigan, particularly in the metro Detroit area.

Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

During your Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Fozo, he will evaluate and discuss both the appearance and function of your nose. A critical analysis of your airway, as well as any potential conditions such as allergic rhinitis, a deviated nasal septum and chronic sinusitis is essential before proceeding with surgery. He will also take several photographs of your nose from various angles. Dr. Fozo will then review these photos with you to narrow in on the areas you are most concerned with. He will also offer his expert advice on what changes would most compliment your natural facial structure.

Schedule An Appointment

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