Renting a Home in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Renting a Home in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Located along the Detroit River, Grosse Pointe is a large city located in southeast Michigan. The town is also a short drive from Canada and Windsor, Ontario. The most pleasant months for living in Grosse Pointe are June, August, and September. The coolest months are January and February. You can also enjoy shopping in small boutiques and fine art galleries. In addition to restaurants, Grosse Pointe is home to many unique stores and specialty shops.

The city is known for its historic scenery. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, Provencal-Weir House, and Fair Lane all have historic significance. Visitors can enjoy the lakefront scenery while shopping at nearby boutiques. There are also several museums and historic sites located in the town. The area is also known for its recreational opportunities at Addison Oaks County Park and the Oakland County International Airport. Gross Pointe’s population is 5,122, and commute times are around twenty-four minutes.
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While the city was settled by French settlers in the early 18th century, the area remained largely undeveloped during the 17th century. Many wealthy Detroiters established summer homes in the area, and renowned Michigan industrialists built large lakefront estates. One such estate is the Alger House, which was built by Packard Motor Company founder Russell A. Alger, Jr. and is now the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.

In the heart of downtown Grosse Pointe is Kercheval Avenue. It serves as a central business district for the five pointes, and is also home to the world’s oldest candy store, the Sanders Candy and Dessert Shop. “The Hill” district has office buildings and restaurants, as well as numerous other amenities. The town is also home to the Grosse Pointe Park and its weekly farmer’s market. If you’re looking to rent a home in Gross Pointe, consider the neighborhood.

During its early years, the area was swampy and heavily wooded. It was first a hunting and farming community. The farms had water frontage that stretched a half mile. Houses were built on the water, and neighbors lived in close proximity to each other for protection. A few houses in the village were later sold to Detroiters for a profit. The neighborhood still retains some of the charm of the 18th century.

Grosse Pointe is a close-knit community in Wayne County, where local businesses and outdoor recreational facilities flourish. The city is home to two outdoor swimming pools, a private marina, and a number of other amenities. The community also prides itself on providing excellent schools and a safe environment for residents and their children. For those looking to enjoy the local atmosphere, the city’s small business district is a great place to go shopping. There are a variety of boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants to choose from.

The historical district is rich in local architecture. The Edwards and Eleanor Ford House, designed by Albert Kahn, was constructed in the late 19th century. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House was constructed in 1926 on eight acres purchased for around $16,000. The town is home to many historic mansions. In 1886, the Grosse Pointe Club opened a clubhouse. This was followed by the construction of the Country Club of Detroit, a country club.

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