Sterling Heights, Michigan – Home to a Vibrant Business Community

Sterling Heights is a city in Macomb County, Michigan. It is a core suburb of Detroit and has a population of 134,346 as of the 2020 Census. Sterling Heights is the second largest suburb of Metro Detroit and the fourth largest city in Michigan. The city has a humid continental climate and has a council-manager form of government. Its population is primarily comprised of professionals, but it is also home to a vibrant business community.

Sterling Heights is a suburb of Detroit

There are many notable people who have made Sterling Heights their home. Rapper Achromatik grew up in Sterling Heights and went on to attend Stevenson High School. Former NHL star left wing Brad Jones also grew up in Sterling Heights. Baseball play-by-play announcer Mario Impemba grew up in Sterling Heights. Singer Bob Seger also lived in Sterling Heights, sharing his backyard with a drummer.

It has a humid continental climate

There is a lot to love about the weather in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This town has a climate that is typical of a mid-Michigan city with a humid continental climate. Typically, summer temperatures will reach more than ninety degrees Fahrenheit, and winter temperatures will rarely drop below zero. In fact, there are only five days of the year that are colder than freezing, with the lowest temperature being zero degrees Fahrenheit in July. The city receives 150 days of rain a year, and averages about 23.3 inches of rainfall. Moreover, the city receives just over half of its precipitation during the winter months, and is also covered with snow on about five days a year, with most of the precipitation falling in July and August.

It has a council-manager form of government

In a recent city election, voters rejected a Strong Mayor charter and elected a new mayor and council. Those who voted in favor of the charter include business and civic leaders, educators, and members of the clergy. These groups believed that Sterling Heights could be an exceptional community that offers low taxes and professional management. But they were also not satisfied with the current council and mayor. They wished for a new system that would meet their needs and wants.

It has a large business community

Sterling Heights, Michigan, is home to one of the most successful business communities in the entire region. Its Gross Regional Product (GRP) is approximately $8.2 billion, which includes $34 billion in exports and imports. The city also has a large commercial development, including major retail centers. The city is also home to the Van Dyke Plant, the state’s first ISO-14001 certified facility, and to the Chrysler and Sterling Heights assembly plants, which each received ten-year recognitions in 2008. For plastic surgery near Sterling Heights MI contact Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery

It was once a rhubarb farm for Detroit

Did you know that Sterling Heights, Michigan was once the rhubarb capital of the world? In 1961, it produced five million pounds of rhubarb, or nearly 65% of the world’s hot house rhubarb. The city’s farmland was dotted with steam-heated rhubarb hothouses, but most of those operations were closed when suburban development began. Today, the city is still home to several rhubarb farms and a few other agricultural enterprises.

It has a high percentage of residents with at least a high school degree

The Demographics Overview for Sterling Heights, MI shows a disproportionately large number of residents with a post-secondary education. According to the Census Bureau, 28% of Sterling Heights residents have a bachelor’s or graduate degree. This number is also very similar to the national average of 32%. This indicates that people in Sterling Heights are educating themselves, but it does not necessarily mean that they have higher incomes than other people.

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