The City of Sterling Heights, Michigan

This article will help you learn more about the City of Sterling Heights, Michigan. It will also provide you with Demographics of Sterling Heights and Macomb County, as well as Climate in Sterling Heights. Whether you’re moving to the area or already live in the area, you’ll be glad you read this article! You’ll be ready to explore Sterling Heights and Macomb County like a local. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

City of Sterling Heights

The City of Sterling Heights, Michigan, is located in the state of Michigan. It is situated along the Detroit River, and borders Canada, Ontario, and Windsor. The climate in Sterling Heights is mild year-round, with the best months being March to May and September to December. But winters can be bitterly cold, with the city being less comfortable in January and February. But no matter the season, there is always something to do in Sterling Heights.

Demographics of Sterling Heights

There is an enormous difference between the demographics of Sterling Heights and Troy, Michigan. Both cities have large percentages of Hispanics and Whites, but Sterling Heights is far more diverse. For instance, the city of Warren has more unwed mothers than either Sterling Heights or Troy, but the proportion of unmarried women in both cities is higher than that of the rest of the state. In addition, both cities have much higher percentages of households with children, which means that their overall population is diverse.

Location of Sterling Heights in Macomb County

Sterling Heights is a city in Macomb County, Michigan, United States. The city is a core suburb of the Detroit metropolitan area. The population was 134,346 at the 2020 census. It is the second-largest suburb of Metro Detroit and fourth-largest city in the state. The city’s population is primarily composed of residents of the surrounding suburban communities. However, the city’s diversity also means that residents from various backgrounds and ethnicities can make the community their own.

Climate in Sterling Heights

The climate in Sterling Heights, MI is characterized by a mild temperate climate. Temperatures average between twenty degrees Fahrenheit and eighty degrees Fahrenheit, and rarely go below six degrees or rise over ninety degrees. Throughout the year, snowfall is minimal, with temperatures averaging six inches a day. The driest month is September, when the average daily temperature hovers around fifty-four degrees.

Schools in Sterling Heights

In addition to tuition-free public education, Schools in Sterling Heights, Michigan are publicly-funded institutions that must educate all children. Under the state constitution, every state must have a public school system. In Michigan, compulsory education is mandated and all children must attend school, no matter their background or family income. The schools listed below are highly rated, and are the best option for your child’s education. You can search for schools using the U.S. Census Bureau’s School Locator or use our Sterling Heights Public Schools map to locate one in your area.

Local radio station in Sterling Heights

Regardless of your musical tastes, there is a local radio station in Sterling Heights Michigan that you can tune into. Whether you like pop music, sports, or the latest news, this station will bring you what you need to hear in your area. Whether you’re driving or walking, you can tune in to your favorite station to hear everything you need to know. Listed below are the stations in Sterling Heights that have local broadcasts.

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