Top Businesses in Detroit

The Best of Detroit editors are accepting nominations for Top Businesses in Detroit. Nominees may be national brands or local businesses. In the Best of Detroit, each company will compete for the title of MVP in their category, as well as the city. The editors do not charge for editorial submissions, and approved companies can submit a free editorial post for consideration. Sponsored posts, however, do earn points toward sponsorship. Below are some of the businesses that should be considered for inclusion in the Best of Detroit list.

Group55 Marketing is a Detroit-based woman-owned boutique firm that provides branding, direct marketing, advertising, and public relations. The company recently raised $4.3 million in a seed round led by Hyde Park Venture Partners, with participation from Grand Ventures, ID Ventures, and Whitecap Venture Partners. Another Top Business in Detroit, Campus Commandos, creates digital marketing campaigns aimed at college students. These campaigns aim to create lifelong brand habits for students.

Another profitable business in Detroit is furniture recycling. If you have some skills and a space to start a business, this business will be an excellent source of profits. However, it is important to note that the startup costs are fairly high, as a store of this nature must have a high overhead. However, the rewards are well worth the effort. The city of Detroit is an ideal location to open a bicycle shop. There are several advantages to starting a bike shop, including the possibility to sell used bicycles and even rent them out to customers. You can also add a repair facility to your shop as a sideline. For cosmetic surgery near Detroit MI contact Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery.

For the Love of Sugar is a bakery that opened in Mid-December last year. The bakery offers custom-order baked goods, as well as a coffee and Swedish-fish flavored macaroons. Citizen Yoga is a Detroit boutique that offers classes in Vedanta philosophy. The company’s website is at 719 Griswold Street. The website of this beauty salon promotes local businesses. And the owners are committed to giving back to the community by hosting a charity event every month.

Detroit is a major economic center in the Midwest, making it one of the most important cities in the country in terms of exports. The city also boasts a major airport, making it a hub for trade. The Detroit River offers several water-based businesses opportunities. The city is home to three Fortune 500 companies. Overall, it is the second-largest economic region in the Midwest after Chicago. You can visit it here to learn about the best businesses in Detroit.

The auto industry remains the top employer in the area. Ford Motor Company is one of the “big three” automobile companies, employing over 33,000 people in the Detroit area. The company recently announced plans to add 3,000 new jobs in 2019 and invest in research and development to develop new technologies and products. Ford will also invest in an electric F-150 truck. Aside from these large employers, Detroit is a great place to start a career.

D.TOUR Spa 2901 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48201
Meta Physica Wellness Center 1701 Trumbull #3, Detroit, MI 48216

Dr. Adrienne Grimmett
10 Peterboro St, Detroit, MI 48201, United States

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