Warren Michigan – A Brief Overview

Warren Michigan – A Brief Overview

If you’re considering relocating to Macomb County, Michigan, you might be wondering what Warren is like. Located in western Macomb County, it is the state’s third-largest city and one of the most populous suburbs. Let’s take a look at Warren’s history and current situation. As of 2014, the population of the city was over 300,000, and it is considered to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. For facial plastic surgery near Warren Michigan contact Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery.

Warren is a city in Macomb County

Warren is a city in southwest Macomb County, Michigan, United States. With a population of 134,056, Warren is the largest city in Macomb County, and the third largest city in Michigan. Located in the suburbs of Detroit, Warren is the headquarters of General Motors, as well as the Cadillac Motor Car Division of General Motors. Other major employers in the area include Big Boy Restaurants International, Campbell Weald, and Asset Acceptance.

Located on the corner of Chicago Road and Mound Road, Warren was originally a small settlement. It was a stopover for carriages between Detroit and Utica. By the 1920s, it began developing industrially, and it became a city in 1955. During the WWII era, the city was a key site for automobile manufacturing, and the city has talked about transforming its downtown core around city hall to provide a pedestrian-friendly environment.

It is Michigan’s third-largest city

The third-largest city in Michigan, Warren is located in southeastern Michigan. It sits along the Detroit River, across the border from Windsor. Warren experiences a variety of seasons, but its most pleasant months are May through September, and winter months are December through February. The city’s name comes from its ice-cold climate. In fact, the city has the coldest winter of any Michigan city.

In recent years, the population of Warren, Michigan has been shrinking. Since the 1950s, the population has declined 10%, from 147,261 in 1990 to 144,564 in 2000. This number has dropped almost four percent since 1970, and continues to decline. In the past few decades, the population of Warren has shrunk by around 7%. However, it still retains a high standard of living, and many residents have stayed.

It is Michigan’s largest suburb

In addition to the city of Detroit, Warren, Michigan, is home to over 40,000 people. Its median home value is $176,100, with a 10.0% appreciation rate over the last 10 years. Its climate is humid continental, with temperatures averaging fifty-one degrees Fahrenheit during summer and nineteen degrees Fahrenheit during winter. The city also experiences 126 days of rain annually, totaling about 15.9 inches. Snow falls about four times a year, between January and May, and from October to December, totaling about 10 inches. Relative humidity is averaging sixty-six percent, peaking at seventy-four percent during the winter and seventh-months.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of Warren, Michigan is projected to grow to 139,387 by April 1, 2020. This represents an increase of over 1 percent from the 2010 estimate of 134,056 residents. The population is primarily white, with 48.7% of residents being male and 51.3% being female. Those under the age of five make up almost a quarter of the population. Those of legal age make up the remaining forty-five percent of the population.

It is in western Macomb County

Located in western Macomb County, Warren Michigan is home to about 133,667 people. According to the Geographic Names Information System, the city has been known as Cottageville. It is 620 feet above sea level, and the population has shrunk slightly since the 2010 Census. It is located within the (586) area code. In general, the climate in the area is temperate, with temperatures ranging from 50 to 51 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Macomb County is comprised of mostly suburban and rural communities. As of the 2010 census, only one of the three largest cities in the county had a population below one million. Warren grew by only 4% while Sterling Heights grew by 3.6%. Macomb County is a part of Southeast Michigan, but the far northern part of the county is referred to as the Michigan Thumb. There are more than a hundred historic places in the county, including historic downtowns, historical landmarks, and more.

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