Warren, Michigan demographics

Warren, Michigan demographics

What’s it like to be a resident in Warren, Michigan?
The demographics of this city will be discussed in this article.
You’ll learn about the median property value, the average resident age, and the residents’ race.
You’ll also learn how many African Americans and Asians live in the city.
You’ll also learn about the city’s school system, median age, and most famous monuments.
But, honestly, how much do you know about Warren? Rhinoplasty Michigan Doctors are here to help.


Warren’s demographic profile shows that white people make up the majority of the population, with black people accounting for only 13.3 percent.
Other races and ethnicities are also represented, with 0.2 percent of the population identifying as American Indian or Native Hawaiian.
Hispanics account for 17.8% of the population, with other races accounting for 2.6 percent.
Most people identify as German, Polish, Italian, English, or both in the census, which asks them to report their ancestry.

the price of a house

In Warren, Michigan, the typical cost of a home is $834.
Mortgages, utility bills, taxes, and insurance are all examples of this.
Warren is 9.8% less expensive than the national median and has the third highest owner cost in the state, after Detroit and Ann Arbor.
In Warren, the average homeowner spends between 9% and 10% of their income on housing costs.
Although this percentage may not appear to be significant, it is an excellent indicator of the affordability of home ownership.

The average age of the population

People in Warren, Michigan, are on average 39.4 years old.
This rate exceeds the national median of 36.8 percent.
At 17.8%, non-citizens in Warren are slightly older than their American counterparts.
The city has about double the number of foreign-born residents as the rest of Michigan.
Non-citizens in Warren, MI are on average 36.8 years old.

Residents’ race

The Census Bureau examines the percentage of residents in a community to determine race and ethnicity.
61.1 percent of residents identify as White, Black, or American Indian; 6% identify as Hispanic; and 2.6 percent identify as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.
The majority of Warren people claim German, Polish, Italian, or English heritage.
Iraqi and Macedonian ancestries are the most common.


You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for the best time to visit Warren, Michigan.
The months of June and August are the warmest of the year, while January is the coldest.
However, the distinction between the two might be perplexing.
While climate is a longer-term phenomenon that can have a long-term impact on people’s lives, weather is far more transient, changing minute by minute.
While most people think of weather in terms of temperature, humidity, visibility, and wind, Warren’s weather can change dramatically throughout the year.

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