Warren Michigan – Facts About the City

Warren Michigan – Facts About the City

If you have never heard of Warren, Michigan, you might be surprised by its size. The state’s largest city is located in the state of Michigan, and is known for its humid continental climate and large black population. The median age of the population is 38 years old. Learn more about Warren Michigan in this article. Also, learn about its history, climate, and population. You might want to visit Warren if you are interested in experiencing its diverse culture.

Warren is Michigan’s largest city

A large city located in southeast Michigan, Warren is just across the border from Windsor, Ontario. This city’s climate is continental and humid, with average summer temperatures of 90 degrees. Winter temperatures, however, rarely rise above freezing, and on average drop to 0 degrees. There are two main highways that cross the city: Interstate 696 and Van Dyke Avenue, or the Earle Memorial Highway. Both of these freeways bisect the city and connect the entire state.

It has a humid continental climate

The city of Warren, Michigan has a humid continental climate, meaning temperatures in summer are frequently above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, temperatures rarely exceed freezing, and the smallest monthly temperature is only 21 degrees Fahrenheit. The city experiences rain on 126 days a year, with an average total of 15.9 inches. Snowfall is uncommon, but does occur on 44.5 days between January and May and between October and December, totaling 10 inches. The city’s average relative humidity is 67%, with peak levels in January and February.

It has a large black population

The city of Warren, Michigan, has a large black population. Although this population is now nearly 20 percent of the total, it remains an underrepresented demographic. This lack of diversity is reflected in the city’s halls of power. While there are many African-American residents, no black person represents the city’s elected leadership. While this may seem counterintuitive, the shift in demographics is real. In fact, the city’s mayor, Bob Fouts, has made changes to reflect the demographics.

It has a median age of 38

The median age in Warren, MI is 38.4. The median age for native-born residents is 38.4, whereas the median age for foreign-born residents is 45. This is a difference of 6.8%. There are many demographics that can help you determine what makes up a city. Here is a breakdown of age by gender. Those in the city of Warren are typically younger than the median age in neighboring communities.

It has a median household income of $51,796

The median household income in Warren, Michigan is $51,796, and the surrounding area has a lower median household income of $49,076. The highest median household income in the surrounding area is $58,926 in Fraser. Overall, the median household income in Warren is 10.7% lower than the national average and three-fourths lower than the Michigan average. However, those living below the poverty line do have the opportunity to improve their financial situation by working more and earning more.

It has a wooded area

While you may not have heard of Warren Michigan, it does have a wooded area, which is located in the suburb of Warren Woods. Much of the town’s duneland is covered in woodlands. This natural area is the last virgin beech-maple forest in Michigan. Many of the trees here are over five feet wide and more than 125 feet high. In springtime, the trees are covered in beautiful blossoms. For plastic surgery near Warren Michigan contact Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery.

It has a river

Warren is a large city in southeast Michigan, located along the Detroit River. Its border is with Windsor, Ontario, and lies across the Detroit River. Though there are some similarities between the two cities, it still differs from one another in terms of climate. The city is most comfortable during the summer, and the coldest and driest months are in winter. However, it is worth noting that it has plenty of things to do for residents who love the outdoors.

It has a microbrewery

If you’re visiting the quaint village of Warren, Michigan, you’ll want to check out one of the many local breweries. Medieval Craft Brewing is a popular spot for a variety of brews and hearty fare. You can taste the brews of a medieval-era English pub while enjoying a tasty meal. The staff is knowledgeable about the different varieties of beer, and they even offer tours.

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