Warren, Michigan – Housing and Demographics

Warren, Michigan – Housing and Demographics

On an average of 8.6 days, the weather in Warren is moderately hot and humid, with highs reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
With a few outliers, temperatures in the winter can only exceed 0 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
I-696 and Van Dyke Avenue, commonly known as Earle Memorial Highway, go through the city.
The city is divided in two by the Van Dyke Freeway, which runs north and south.


The residents of Warren, Michigan, are a diverse mix of individuals that live in a city with six different school districts.
Warren residents pay lower taxes than residents of similar cities. For rhinoplasty near Warren Michigan contact Dr Michael Fozo today.
From working-class districts to vast custom ranches, this city boasts a diverse housing supply.
General Motors’ headquarters, which have consolidated operations into the old Technological Center, are also located in the city.
With the firm investing over $10 billion in new infrastructure, the city is becoming the cradle of the electric automobile.

Per capita health-care spending

Health care prices in Warren, Michigan, are lower than the national average, according to Health Care Spending Per Capita.
Both publicly and privately funded health care are included in these prices.
Hospital spending, medical services, nursing home care, prescription medicines, and bad debts are also included.
They do not, however, include costs for hospital development and insurance program administration.
As a result, Warren, Michigan’s health-care spending is significantly lower than the national average.


The figures below provide insight into Warren Michigan’s educational excellence.
The American Community Survey and Common Core Data for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools are used to compile information about education in Warren.
The percentage of residents 25 and older having a high school diploma or GED is shown in the table.
The number of people without a high school graduation is much greater than the 14.5 percent national average.
At 11.5 percent, the school dropout rate is nearly twice as high as the state average.

Personnel from the military

The Military Human Resources Office in Warren, Michigan, greets those assigned to a new military assignment (MHRO).
The MHRO welcomes new arrivals, whether they are on leave or on PTDY.
Ensure that your leave form is submitted along with your orders and personnel file while on leave.
Finance in-processing must be completed before PTDY leave requests would be authorized.

Residents who were born in another country

Warren, Michigan has a larger proportion of foreign-born citizens than other cities in the state.
The population of the city is roughly double that of other cities in the state.
Warren, Michigan’s largest city, has the highest percentage of foreign-born citizens of any city in the country.
Surprisingly, this is mostly attributable to the city’s significant immigrant population.
Warren’s foreign-born population reflects this, as evidenced by the city’s higher-than-average percentage of foreign-born residents.

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