Warren, Michigan

Warren, Michigan – Demographics and Housing

The weather in Warren is moderately hot and humid, with highs reaching up to 90 degrees on an average of 8.6 days. In the winter, temperatures can only reach up to 0 degF on average, with a few exceptions. The city lies along I-696 and Van Dyke Avenue, also known as Earle Memorial Highway. Van Dyke Freeway runs north and south and bisects the city.


The Warren Michigan population is a diverse group of people living in a city that is home to six distinct school districts. Residents in Warren pay lower taxes than those living in similar cities. This city has a large variety of housing stock, from working class neighborhoods to sprawling custom ranches. The city is also home to the General Motors headquarters, which have consolidated operations into the historic Technological Center. The city is becoming the birthplace of the electric vehicle with the company investing over 10 billion dollars in new infrastructure.

Health care spending per capita

According to Health Care Spending Per Capita, health care costs in Warren, Michigan, are lower than those in the national average. These costs include both publicly and privately funded health care. They also include hospital spending, physician services, nursing home care, prescription drugs, and bad debts. However, they do not include hospital construction and insurance program administration expenses. As such, health care spending in Warren, Michigan, is considerably lower than the national average.


The following statistics provide insight into the educational quality of Warren Michigan. Data on education in Warren is based on the American Community Survey and Common Core Data for Public Elementary through Secondary Schools. The table shows the percentage of residents 25 and older with high school diplomas or GEDs. The percentage of people without a high school diploma is significantly higher than the national average of 14.5%. The school dropout rate is nearly twice as high as the state average, at 11.5%.

Military personnel

Those assigned to a new duty assignment in Warren, Michigan are welcomed by the Military Human Resources Office (MHRO). Whether you are on leave or on PTDY, the MHRO welcomes new arrivals. During your leave, make sure your leave form is submitted along with your orders and personnel file. Requests for PTDY leave will not be approved until the finance in-processing has been completed. For nose jobs michigan contact Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery.

Foreign-born residents

The proportion of foreign-born residents in Warren, Michigan is higher than that of other cities in the state. The city’s population is approximately twice as large as that of other cities in the state. As the largest city in Michigan, Warren is home to the most foreign-born residents of any city in the nation. Interestingly, this is largely due to the city’s high percentage of immigrants. The foreign-born population of Warren is a reflection of this, and this fact is reflected in the city’s higher than average percent of population.

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