Why Live in Southfield Michigan?

Why Live in Southfield Michigan?

If you’re looking for a new home in the Metro Detroit area, you may be interested in Southfield, Michigan. Bordering the city of Detroit along 8 Mile Road, the community was a natural choice for families who were moving out of Detroit. Detroit’s decline was made worse by the racial segregation and white flight, but Southfield stands out as a welcoming and economically stable suburb. The city is home to eight colleges, including Oakland University.

Southfield is home to eight colleges

Southfield is located in Oakland County, 13 miles northwest of Detroit, and is a major commercial center. The Southfield Town Center complex is the region’s upscale office district. The city is also home to several notable companies, including Federal-Mogul, Electronic Data Systems, Denso, and Lear Corporation. Many Fortune 500 companies call Southfield home. Residents enjoy a variety of arts, culture, and recreation options, including the Oakland Community College and Southfield Mall.

There are also several private and public schools in Southfield, including the Farber Hebrew Day School and Southfield Christian School. Public libraries are located in the city, and Providence Medical Center provides residency training in various fields of medicine. In addition to the public schools, Southfield also offers eight colleges: Lawrence Technological University, Abcott Institute, Everest Institute, Oakland Community College, and Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

It is a suburban commercial and business center

Southfield Michigan is a suburban city north of Detroit, located in Oakland County. Its upscale office space is second only to downtown Detroit. In fact, Southfield office buildings are so popular that many of them feature coffee in the lobby, or even have a Starbucks across the street. This makes living and working in Southfield both easy and enjoyable. While the suburb is a popular place to live, you’ll find plenty of other reasons to consider making it your home. For Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Michigan contact Dr Michael Fozo of Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery in Macomb Michigan

In addition to its prime location, Southfield boasts a variety of business advantages that are unmatched in other cities. Nearly 98 percent of the area has access to broadband, satellite, or fiber optic service. The city is also centrally located and has good public transportation. Additionally, Southfield has 770 acres of parkland for residents to enjoy. In addition to all of these benefits, Southfield is also home to five universities and the Municipal Campus.

It is a multi-ethnic community

Today, Southfield Michigan is a thriving and diverse multi-ethnic community. Its thriving business district is the source of much of the city’s diversity. In the past, the city benefited from welcoming policies, which had a distinct advantage over its neighboring suburbs. But as Detroit has become a stronger core city, Southfield has found itself at a crossroads. While Southfield’s office vacancy has reached alarming levels during the recent real estate crisis, other issues, such as religious difference, have become more pressing.

Before the 1990s, Southfield had residents from different ethnic backgrounds, although the majority of residents were Christian or Jewish. That situation changed as Chaldeans from Iraq began moving into Southfield, easing the integration process. Today, however, the context for diversity in a city like Dearborn is different. It will take different strategies to make new residents feel comfortable and integrated. Despite this, Southfield is an exemplary example of how a city can embrace diversity and be inclusive to newcomers.

It has a large black population

Did you know that Southfield Michigan has a large black population? In addition to having a large black population, the city also celebrates Black History Month. The City of Southfield is a prime example of multiculturalism, a progressive community, and a highly integrated community. Because of its multiculturalism, the city is home to people from many backgrounds, and African Americans represent a substantial percentage of the population.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than half of Southfield residents identify themselves as white, with the rest identifying as black. Another half of the population identifies as American Indian, 5.4% is Asian, 0.2% is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 2.6% is other races. The census also asks respondents to report their ancestry, and people from Poland and Ireland make up the largest percentages of this group.

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